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Precision Marker

About Precision Marker

Precision Marker

Precision Marker a Veteran Small Business in Wilmington, NC

Precision Marker supplies high-quality golf accessories, you will not leave at home. We focus on creating high-quality, reusable, and innovative golfing accessories that will help you advance your golf game and make it more satisfying. Our Precision Golf Ball Marker and Precision Putting Trainer take guesswork out of golf ball marking and one less thing to think about when playing golf.

Established in 2018, Precision Marker is a 100% disabled combat veteran small business in Wilmington, NC. We have invented, engineered, patented, and are currently selling the Precision Golf Ball Marker and Precision Putting Trainer. USA companies manufacture our must have golf accessories.

Precision Marker highly value our customers and their satisfaction is our primary concern. We are proud of the high-quality golf accessories we offer, and your opinion is important to us. Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions about our golfing accessories – click here.

The Precision Marker Team
Precision Marker Veteran Owner Richard Sweet

Richard Sweet

Veteran & Golf Expert

Richard Sweet and his wife Jean graduated from Ithaca High School in 1967. Richard Sweet spent 10 years in the army, serving in Viet Nam, and retired after 20 years of federal service. They retired to a golf community, Compass Pointe, in southeastern North Carolina. Richard fell in love with the game of golf and plays as often as possible. Their daughter, Jackie, graduated from Palmetto High and is new to the game of golf.

Birth of the Precision Golf Ball Marker and Putting Trainer Concepts

While watching a golf tournament on TV, Richard Sweet saw the unfortunate event when a top-rated player lost strokes. She did not replace the golf ball back to the exact position from where he lifted it as required by United States Golf Association (USGA) rules. This mistake cost her over $150,000 and made the difference between 1st and 2nd place. Richard told Jean about the event and Jean’s response was, “There should be a better way to mark the position of the golf ball”.

Richard Sweet came up with the idea of marking the position of the golf ball with a point that evolved into a point inside a cradle. This golf ball position marker would ensure absolute accuracy when replacing the ball. The concept of both the Precision Marker and Trainer were born.



Mastering the perfect putting stroke is without a doubt one of the most important factors in playing a decent golf game.


What Others Say About Precision Marker

Client satisfaction has been fully ingrained in Precision Marker values since formation and is the foundation of our family orientated culture. We are absolutely devoted to the golf accessories we provide and your total satisfaction with every purchase. You do not have to take our word for it, see what some of our most recent buyers have to say about our Precision Golf Ball Marker and Precision Putting Trainer.

These Markers make aiming my putts so much easier.
Jean S. NC
June 2021
The Trainer is fantastic. It helps in so many simple but necessary steps.
Angela W. CA
June 2021
I have brought my handicap down 3 strokes in 2 months. These things work! Buy them now.
JB, Ithaca, NY
June 2021
No more screaming after missing a putt because I brushed the grass. Now I putt just about ¼” off the grass, just like Rickie Fowler.
Dickie, Belville N.C.
May 2021
My buddies and I don’t care too much If we mark the ball perfectly when playing our usual Tuesday matches. However, it gets to be cutthroat during tournaments. Then everyone calls everything, and I always use my Precision Marker and dare them to call me on a wrong location or not returning my ball to the original location. I am the king of perfection. Rich
M. Chester, VA
May 2021
Barry and I like to play golf, but we are not very good. We were both surprised to find out our putters were not “square” to the ball. Who knew.
Doreen, Wilmington
May 2021
I can get in some quick chipping practice before a round by just dropping 3 or 4 of the markers in the grass and practice my swing and contact.
Mike A., Rochester, NY.
April 2021
I don’t play golf, but all of my brothers do. These would make great gifts for them.
Dixie R., CA
April 2021
At first, I thought they were too big to use during a game. Then I realized the Marker is smaller than what I was using.
Ed, NC
March 2021